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This ebook anthology contains 130 romantic eBooks which we feel you will enjoy for hours on end.Some of the eBooks contained in this anthology are:- A Perfect ArrangementPhil is a married man who is in love with Tanya, who is a co-worker. She tells him that the only way that she is going to become his lover is if he gives her a monthly allowance. How far is Phil going to go in order to have the woman of his dreams?- Save Me From My Marriage Alexa is a very unhappy wife. She is looking for a man who would save her from her marriage. When she meets a very handsome man in her local supermarket (Will) she thinks she has finally found the man who would save her from her marriage.- Paying The Rent In KindAlison is in a lot of trouble. She’s lost her job and she owes three months’ worth of rent. When her landlord gives her an eviction notice, she comes up with a plan. She asks her landlord if she can pay her in kind instead.- Do You Think About Me?Two former lovers Angela and Steve, meet up ten years after they broke up. Angela is married while Steve is recently divorced. Angela soon finds herself in Steve’s house where they have fun for hours, just as they used to do when they were at university.- Passion In The BedroomOne morning, a few hours before Marc is due to fly out of the country on a business trip, he has fun with his wife Cathy.- The Lady In RedWhen Rick meets a lady in red (a French lady called Chantal) in the X club, he is immediately smitten. A few drinks later, they are on the sofa in his living room having what Rick would call the best experience of his life.- A Very Expensive MistressAndre is a married man who has a very expensive mistress. Although he had agreed to give her a very generous monthly allowance, he wishes that Diana (his mistress) would develop some feelings for him. What’s a man to do?- Andy Loves Married WomenAndy is a single man who loves sleeping with married women. Being a gardener brings him in contact with many very lonely housewives. Such is the case one afternoon when Debra asks him to tend to her garden. She has fun with Andy. However, they have very little time. They must hurry up! Debra’s husband will be back home in half an hour.- The Serial CheatAlthough Felix loves his live-in fiancée Rose, he can’t stop himself from having fun with other women. One evening when he is particularly horny, he leaves Rose at home and drives to Eve’s house. After having fun her, he leaves her house to see Kelly for some even more fun.- A Steamy Night In A Hotel RoomSheila initially rejects Tom when he shows interest in her. However, a text message from Tom makes Sheila change her mind. They soon end up in a hotel and have fun until the early hours of the morning. - Pleasant TreatmentBecause of Maivah’s rheumatic attacks, she nursed the idea of having fun with her doctor but finds out that the doctor is rather involved with someone else. She decides not to blow it out of proportion and uses it as leverage to get through to him…

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001050718677
    • ISBN:  9781508040460

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