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The country’s at war, and there’s nowhere to hide—not even for a witch.It is easy to forget a war when the fighting is taking place so far away, but that’s all about to change for Annabel Bradstreet and her family. When the battlefield enters their backyard, the Bradstreets flee, but not before Major James catches up with them. There aren’t enough men to fight for the Patriots, and Major James won’t stop until he builds an army strong enough to take on Cornwallis, even if that does mean forcing men, like Annabel’s brother, to fight. Desperate to stop the army from finding out they are witches, Annabel and Joshua have no choice but to leave their mother behind and join.Annabel is about to learn firsthand what war is really like as she does everything she can to stop anyone from discovering her secret, but what if Joshua can’t control his temper or his powers? What will the soldiers do to them if they discover Annabel and Joshua are witches? Buy ANNABEL’S REVOLUTION to start the adventure today.

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