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Aquari is a cosmic photonic being from a time in the first age of the galaxy when this galaxy was a quasar. Aquari is possibly almost as old as the galaxy itself, and at over 700 times the speed of light Aquari is also the fastest thing ever known to exist. Throughout the ages of this galaxy called Magphoreus, Aquari has become acquainted with uncountable numbers of terrestrial beings that live on planets, and also galactic beings who have evolved beyond the confines of a planet.Aquaris explorations bring him to the company of some nomadic galactic beings known as Eagolim who are descendants of the ancient Nephapricans. The Eagolim send Aquari across half the galaxy to the galactic core to meet other descendants of Nephapricans called the Eigalli. The Eigalli tell Aquari they have found the legendary lost Star-Door star called Tze-Doldus, and that the Star-Door planet Tze-Doldus-2 still exists. Tze-Doldus was one of the 15 legendary stars that made up the core of the 2nd Age galactic civilization known as Nephapricus.Nephapricus fell along with the 2nd Age of Magphoreus. The Nephapricans were talented galactic architects who created many technological wonders, as well as the 15 Star-Doors that united the 15 legendary stars of the empire with gigantic wormhole generators. Now one of the long lost stars has been found, and Aquari is the cosmic being that the Eigalli have summoned to send there. Much has changed however, in the nearly 4 billion years since the Fall of Nephapricus. Now an entirely new intelligent terrestrial life form has evolved on the Star-Door planet Tze-Doldus-2, which they call Urania. On Urania they live around the giant dome-shaped mountain oblivious to the still working wormhole generating Star-Door beneath it.The builders of these Star-Doors also didnt just disappear from the galaxy back in the 2nd Age of Magphoreus. The ancient Nephapricans are now more than mere galactic beings. Now they are immortal beings who still oversee Magphoreus, and they worry about the galactic architecture they had left behind during their careless earlier 2nd Age galactic evolution.Aquari the cosmic being is about to be involved with events that will determine the destiny of the current 3rd Age of Magphoreus. So far the current 3rd Age of Magphoreus has been a disappointing dark age fading in the shadow of the 2nd Age glory that was once called Nephapricus.

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