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BRAIN MATTER is a collection of 6 original horror and suspense tales with a little something for everyone. From werewolves and grim reapers to walking corpses and heartless psychopaths, this short story collection explores a wide range of content in the horror genre.In CONFESSION, a newspaper reporter visits a dying old woman in a nursing home to chronicle her lifes story, only to learn that she has been harboring a gruesome secret for almost six decades.In LUNATIC, a man wakes up in a morgue surrounded by the mutilated bodies of a group of campers and has no idea how he got there.In THE BITE, after a hosting a house party, a man suddenly wakes up with two bite marks on his neck and is convinced that one of his guests was a vampire.In THE DEFIANT SEED, unable to sleep or write on a stormy night, a young author discovers a terrifying and deadly secret about his next door neighbors after spying on them.In THIRSTY BITCH, a man discovers the downside of keeping a prize-fighting bitch starved and chained in his basement.In STOWAWAYS, the crew of a cargo ship caught up in a tropical storm has bigger issues to deal with when a horde of zombies is discovered in one of its shipping containers.

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