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ALL FOUR COLUM AND VIGGO STORIES! Colum's Viking Captivity The monastery at Iona is destroyed, its inhabitants slaughtered by ruthless Vikings…all but Colum and his friend Niall, taken into bondage by warriors who will use them for pleasure. But Colum’s new master Viggo is more than just a bandit prince. Will Colum open himself to Viggo, and not only accept but embrace his strange new fate? Colum's Viking Captivity II: Riding the Dragon In Part 1, Colum the monk was taken from the smoldering ruins of Iona by Viggo, his new Viking master. Now in the trading town of Birka, Colum will learn to serve – and to fight, for the Viking’s seeress has foretold his future as a great warrior, fighting by Viggo’s side as his brother, his lover… But first Colum must beg Viggo for his freedom, so he can fight the wicked trader who’s going to use and abuse his friend Niall. What price must he pay Viggo for the chance to serve out justice for his friend? Colum's Viking Captivity III: The Warrior Slave Colum has earned his freedom, by proving his worth in battle! But if the end of his slavery means the end of Viggo’s sweetly cruel tutelage, is it worth it? And Colum is a slave owner himself now – will he do what he must to protect his friend Niall, and show the other Vikings that Niall is his property by using him like the lowly thrall that he is? And when a man from Viggo’s past calls them to do battle with the Franks, is Colum ready to fight by his lover’s side as an equal? Colum's Viking Captivity IV: Trial by Combat Colum and Viggo have taken their place at the court of King Godfrid, in advance of the Vikings’ great battle against Charlemagne and the Franks. And while they wait, the strange, dark sexual games he and Viggo play together are now skirting the edges of mortal danger… But there’s another danger, too – treachery is afoot, and Colum falls into the hands of his enemies! Could Niall, his friend-turned-slave, really be his betrayer? When reason and logic are no match for the forces marshaled against Colum, there’s only one way he can regain his freedom – TRIAL BY COMBAT!

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