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Book one: Joey Porter is a divorced, college drop out who doesnt hold jobs very long. When an old boy friend calls her out of the blue, she takes a job as a low level messenger for the FBI. But, a Saudi princess, traveling as an international philanthropist loved by everyone, is secretly planning a complex attack against America and Joey gets mixed up in thick of it. As part of the attack, a decoy terrorist organization is created. A CIA scientist has created an undetectable explosive and an emotionally unstable President seems to be preparing it as a weapon of mass destruction for enemies in the Middle East while actually using it for a secret attack on his political enemies in Washington. To stop the President, a top-ranking member of the cabinet begins a clandestine plot to have the President assassinated.Book two: The multi-faceted attack of the Saudi Princess looms closer but America is reeling from the fallout of the Presidents actions. Joey Porter is sent to Afghanistan to check out what the Presidents aide is doing there but runs into Afghan rebels who are part of the terrorist organization about to attack America. She makes it home but the attack begins. Its like nothing the country has seen before. American Intelligence Agents capture someone from the terrorist organization and send him to Copper Green, a secret black jail where they use enhanced methods to extract information. While intelligence agents chase down the leads, Joey Porter works to save lives. Foreign nations see America crippled and make their move.Book three: Facing never-before-seen threats, both foreign and domestic, the President makes hard choices to save the country and preserve our way of life. Noting failures of the existing intelligence community, a new organization is created to be a real spy agency and sets out to find the terrorists. Joey Porter stumbles upon the secret of the Saudi Princess. Joey is about to take her into custody when people at the highest level of government realize Joey knows too much and must be silenced. The country tries to get back to normal life but the hint of more attacks leaves the United States government vulnerable to the bidding of the Saudi Princess. Joey Porter must survive the worst and overcome personal challenges if she is to bring down the terrorists and keep America free.

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