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The caveman abducted from Earth doesn’t understand the ark-like spaceship holding him captive. The vast ship, with its own ecosystem and self-aware A.I., is from the Watchers - energetic beings who are the guardians of life. It has been sent on an intergalactic rescue mission to preserve life forms and their DNA from disasters, both natural and created. The ship detected an energy shield being constructed around the young Earth by an unknown force. Unsure it will be able to leave Earth after its sampling mission, the ship continues. Its mission is too important not to try, even if it means being trapped inside the barrier, never to return to the planet of the Watchers with its precious cargo of life. But the ship and Earth’s life forms are not alone. The servants of the Dark One - a powerful evil entity, have arrived to begin their corruption of the pure beings they find. These ancient forces of good and evil fight a galaxy-spanning war through time and space on many fronts, through many civilizations. The Watchers must defeat the Dark One or all life in the universe will perish. EARTH PLAN is a science-fiction/fantasy novel of over 100,000 words.

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