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The Learning From Our Mistakes Series... Piddling Patrick is the first story in this series. It is the tale of a young boy who always ignores his full bladder. Things take an unpleasant turn one day when Patrick has an attack of ‘the wet-pants.’ Read and find out if he learns to conquer his bad habit! First a word of caution about the 'Learning From Our Mistakes…' series: Most children are not cute or cuddly, but usually grubby, mischievous, and very ill-mannered. The 'Learning From Our Mistakes...' series lifts the lid on these real rotten rascals and reveals their true nature. Forget the fairy tales; see how children really are! The series is a collection of short, poignant stories about kids with nasty habits, and kids with real problems. There are rude boys and smelly girls, all of them as real as the wind and the rain. These are the type of brats you’ll run into in classrooms and playgrounds all over the world. The sort that break things and deny it was their fault, the type that never apologize when they're caught out,  the ones with nasty habits, the ones who… well I'm sure you get the idea. Although you may be shocked, and even horrified by what you read, remember the stories are fun, and strangely educational in their own way. Kids and adults of all ages should find these tales enjoyable. But there are a number of important provisos. It is a fundamental requirement that, before reading any book from this series, you the reader, whether you happen to be a child, a parent, must possess a keen sense of "toilet-humour." These stories should be read together, and read out aloud. Of course it is worth remembering not to expect your life, or that of your child, to suddenly change for the better on account of reading any of the books in this series. But there is always the hope that kids can change, and grow up someday to become good, hardworking, responsible adults like you and me. Disclaimer – This series is entirely a work of fiction. Any medical or parenting advice or information given in this series is neither to be acted upon nor accepted as serious medical or parenting advice.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000898200498
    • ISBN:  9781909467071

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