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A New "Jeneration"This is how the new paradigm is different. I have come across so many savvy and successful business people that have tried to advise me. They see I have a gift and an original point of view. They have had similar advice.They have told me to sit on everything I know and save it in a book or through a paying blog or some other way that is going to force others to pay for it if they want it. They also tried to inadvertently instill a fear that someone else may have less talent or content but may be able to attract people better.Nothing they told me "felt" right. Sitting on truth and trying to own it felt very wrong. That is how male energy has done it for so long. That is why it has been a dog-eat-dog world until now (apologies to dogs for that depiction of them).The new paradigm is the model I follow: Give everything you can while still honoring yourself. This will allow the world to be inundated with new truth, and you will be a floodgate for others to find their empowerment. It is what I am taught inwardly to do and what feels right.It takes a lot to retrain a mistrusting and cowering world. It is going to take a gushing, unabashed approach to empowering them. Lead with truth, brim with love, connect with kindness, cast your pearls and feed those hungering for awakening. Show the complacent what a magnanimous, adventurous life looks like.We are through with nine-to-five conformity. We are here to awaken and inspire. It cant be done by sitting on your insights and stockpiling your truth. Get out there and cause a commotion. You are protected under the laws of the New Earth.I hold back nothing to savor at the time of crossing. May all of me echo through the world in Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Truth for all. I encourage you to join the thrill-ride of forever in the moment of now.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033505003
    • ISBN:  9781370437917

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