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Long form journalism writings are testimonies to the complexities of life in the Indian Sub-Continent, they bring out the stories of the most ordinary lives of people in the region. In an era where research, science and technology seek to simplify disaster management there is so much that we oversee. The oversight is not the fault of the well informed citizenry; it is the result of vested interests in the media. One of the most common characteristics of any disaster in the sub-continent is the creation of the super hero. The case was no different during the Nepal earthquake 2015. While on the ground the author was bombarded with messages of how great a service he was doing. This almost made him feel like a hero of sorts. Yet, for his part, the book is not about him; it is a medium from where the marginalized and the victims bring out their voice. The book is journalism of the human, for the human, by the human.

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