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Donald Trump has called for a turnaround in the foreign policy of the United States (US). A key reason is that US foreign engagements have in recent decades proved of little benefit to the US middle and working classes.Trump's opponents have challenged him to prove that he can offer a better alternative to the foreign policy which has been pursued by the US since the Second World War.This volume shows that a sane US foreign policy that adjusts US postwar trajectory can be accomplished if leaders have the courage and integrity to do so. The principles and many details of an alternative policy based on democratic nationalism are described in this book. Democratic nationalism presumes that the US is a large family in which the needs of members of the family have a certain legitimate priority over those of people abroad.While Donald Trump has raised the level of discussion of these ideas in US public life, he does not have a monopoly on them. The shifts in the US foreign policy which are envisioned in this book can be made by any president and any political party. The shifts and the considerations which motivate them are deserving of careful attention by any US chief executive. This is not a Republican agenda, nor a Democratic one. We believe that it is a US agenda.Contents:IntroductionForewordA Successful American Policy:A Challenge to Us AllThe Best Path Toward National SecurityThe Key Elements of an American Foreign Policy for TodayThe Six Characteristics of a Desirable Policy for AmericaA Successful American Foreign Policy/Underlying PrinciplesMore about the Most Important Principles of a Successful PolicySeizing Opportunities and Avoiding Entangling AlliancesToday's Dangers:Increasing Nuclear RiskRussia: A Drunk Soccer Hooligan?The US and Militant IslamOur Rivalry with ChinaGermany's Geo-Political AmbitionsWhat the Politicians are Offering as Choices for America and Our AlternativeThe Decay of Post-World War II Cosmopolitanism:Lions Led by Donkeys: The Record of Today's CosmopolitansHitler's Legacy: Modern Political SpinOverestimating Our Strength: American DecayMore Sleepless Nights: Ineffective Foreign PolicyThe Establishment Rallies: A New PoliticsReadership: Readers interested in the US General Election, its Foreign and Public Policies, and international relations. Key Features:This is the first book to address the impact of Donald Trump on future US foreign policyThis book is thoroughly up-to-date on one of the most important topics in international discussion today — the direction of US foreign policy in the future The authors tackle Trump and US foreign policy in a careful analytical manner which the political campaign in the US is incapable of providingThis book provides the first comprehensive analysis of a US foreign policy which would be based on democratic nationalism rather than on internationalist cosmopolitanism

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001052655611
    • ISBN:  9789813200890

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