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Copywriting That Works: Bright Ideas to Help You Inform, Persuade, Motivate and Sell. If you want to master the craft of writing advertising and promotional copy that informs, persuades, motivates and sells, then this book is for you. It will guide you through the process of producing copy that works - no matter your objective or target market. From branding to hard sell, from newspaper and magazine ads to direct response marketing, from Google ads to website copy and social media, Copywriting That Works... works! The book will show you how to: develop concepts that command your target market's attention; write headlines, body copy and calls to action that hit your mark and meet your objectives; apply creative and linear copywriting concepts to newspaper and magazine ads, direct response brochures and to Google ads for Web copy and social media, including blogs. In a step-by-step approach, this practical, easy-to-follow book shows you the importance of: determining your purpose, defining your target market, knowing your unique selling proposition before you write, and differentiating between brand awareness and hard sell and between features and benefits. In addition, Copywriting That Works includes a bonus chapter on how to optimize websites for the best Search Engine results.

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