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What are “Oronym Words”?ORONYMS ----[Oro- Whole; Nym: Name]An oronym is a word or phrase that sounds very much the same as another word or phrase, often as a result of sounds running together. Oronyms are spelt differently and they have different meanings.Oronym [singular] | Oronyms [plural]Example: A name ---- an aimSome Important Points:1. An oronym is also called a continunym or a sliceonym.2. An oronym generally originates when it is difficult to tell where one word ends and the next begins (e.g. a name -- an aim). An oronym also originates when a particular word may be divided into two or more meaningful words (e.g. affection -- a faction).3. Effectiveness of oronyms may depend on what somebody is saying in context with the rest of the conversation.3(A). Oronyms may completely alter the meaning of what somebody is saying.Example:They wanted the allocation of house.They wanted the location of house.3(B). Oronyms may also make conversation very funny.Example:Teacher asked the student to give an example.Teacher asked the student to give an egg sample.3(C). Oronyms may also make conversation completely senseless.Example:They will appoint a new manager at the earliest.They will a point a new manager at the earliest.4. Oronyms may also include abbreviations (shortened form of a word or group of words)Examples:ICT -- I see teaVC -- we seeDerived Terms Related To ‘Oronyms’:OronymousWords or phrases that are Oronyms are said to be Oronymous.OronymyThe state of being an Oronym is called Oronymy.Following is the detailed list of Oronyms:?Oronym Words -- AOronym Pair -- A1air-to-air ---- year-to-yearExample:The jets had air-to-air weapons.The jets had year-to-year weapons.Oronym Pair -- A2aggregate ---- a green gate[aggregate -- total]Oronym Pair -- A3aggregator ---- a grass eater[aggregator -- a kind of Internet company]Oronym Pair -- A4agree to differ ---- a great offer[agree to differ -- (of two people) to not discuss their different views about something | offer -- proposal]Oronym Pair -- A5angry response ---- a grey spongeOronym Pair -- A6accede ---- a seat[accede -- to agree]Oronym Pair -- A7accent ---- a cent[accent -- pronunciation | cent -- a coin]Oronym Pair -- A8accord ---- a cord[accord -- agreement | cord -- string or rope]Oronym Pair -- A9accounting ---- a counting[accounting -- bookkeeping]Oronym Pair -- A10accrue ---- a crew[accrue -- amass | crew -- team]

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
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