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What are “Informal Words?”Informal Words are connected with normal communication to your colleagues, acquaintances, family members, etc. Informal words are more common in speech than in writing. Informal words are used in ‘unofficial’ language. These words are not used in ‘official’ or formal writing. This book covers around 1400 Informal words (including name of parts of speech they belong to) and their meaningsNOTE:Many informal words are used in both American and British English in the same way. However, some informal words are particularly used in American English only. Similarly, some informal words are particularly used in British English only.Sample This:Informal Words– AA1 [adjective] -- very goodabs [noun] -- the muscles of the abdomenace [adjective | noun] -- very good | number oneachy [adjective] -- affected by an uninterrupted pain that is small in degreeack-ack [noun] -- the non-stop firing of guns at aircraftad [noun] -- advertisementadman [noun] -- a person who works in advertising or promotionadore [verb] -- to be very fond of somethingaggravate [verb] -- to intentionally irritate somebodya gogo [adjective] -- in large quantitiesairhead [noun] -- an unintelligent or stupid personall [adverb] -- enormouslyallergic [adjective] -- having an aversion of somebody/somethingall right [adverb] -- used to emphasize somethingalmighty [adjective] -- enormous or severealphabet soup [noun] -- extremely difficult language with abbreviations or symbolsammo [noun] -- ammunition [supply of bullets, etc; very important information for argument]amp [noun] -- amplifier [a type of electrical device]appalling [adjective] -- extremely bad or poorarm candy [noun] -- a beautiful woman accompanied by a man in a public eventarm-twisting [noun] -- the use of physical power or great pressure to convince somebody to do somethingartsy (arty) [adjective] -- enormously interested in the artsartsy-fartsy (arty-farty) [adjective] -- connected with the artsAussie [noun] -- a person or native from Australiaawful [adjective] -- very bad | used to emphasize a large quantity or sum of somethingaxe (ax) [verb] -- to kill somebody with an axe | to get rid of a scheme, service, system, etc. | to dismiss somebody from their job***********INFORMAL WORDS -- Particularly Used In AMERICAN ENGLISH:ace [verb] -- to be successfulall-nighter [noun] -- a time when somebody stay awake all night, mainly for studyingambulance chaser [noun] -- a lawyer connected with cases of accident claimsamped [adjective] -- excitedantsy [adjective] -- unable to keep stillany [adverb] -- ‘at all’ [used at the end of negative sentences]A-OK [adjective] -- in satisfactory or perfect condition, manner or style.attaboy / attagirl [exclamation] -- used to admire or encourage a boy or man / girl or womanawesome [adjective] -- first-rate, excellent or pleasurableawful [adverb] -- extremely or enormouslyINFORMAL WORDS -- Particularly Used In BRITISH ENGLISH:admin [noun] -- Administration [activities connected with organizing something]afters [noun] -- a sweet dish that is eaten after mealages -- [noun] a very long timeaggro [noun] -- cruel, hostile and aggressive behaviorairy-fairy [adjective] -- impractical, unreasonable, unclearall right [exclamation] -- used to say helloall-singing, all-dancing [adjective] -- (of a machine) having a advanced featuresanorak [noun] -- a boring person who is very fond of learning facts or collecting thingsappro [noun] -- on approval [connected with shopping activities]argy-bargy [noun] -- noisy argument or difference of opinions

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    • Ano:  2015
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