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Jane whisks into her son's games to have orgasmic sex with the game characters, and meets a half-cyborg with vibrating parts, an alien bigfoot in a spaceship far, far away, and a blocky guy who can't get enough of Jane's tight ass. Her exploits are satisfyingly rough, but she returns unharmed into her sexless real life, until the next craving hits.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Preface: I’d fantasized about being chased and taken roughly for as long as I could remember. Being a mom, I couldn’t have bruises and I also worried about the reactions I’d receive, so my unusual cravings and desires stayed in my fantasies. However, that changed the day I discovered how to go into my son’s video games. Finally, I found a place where I fit in. Nobody judged me or thought I was a freak. In fact, their tastes were a perfect match for mine. As it turned out, most of the game characters were sadistic as hell, and satisfyingly brutal enough to quench my lusty desires. It was just what I’d always craved. The good part was that no matter how rough things got, I always returned home sexually satisfied, exhausted and unharmed….until my next craving hit. - Jane Holden, Casual (sex) Gamer.Jane woke up and stretched, briefly confused, until she saw the game controller on her bed and it all came flooding back. The day before, she tried to return to Damien and she ended up having hours of incredibly rough sex with the sadistic and skillful alien, Olfim. She realized that her aches and pains were completely gone and considered the situation.Her mistake of going into the wrong game had paid off in an unexpected way. For as long as she could remember, Jane fantasized about being hunted and taken captive. It always ended with rough treatment and even rougher sex. It was just something that had always turned her on, and she didn't have a clue why. Now that she had an opportunity to live them out, with no strings attached, there was no way she'd pass up the chance. In fact, her pussy was aching as she imagined what might happen in the next game.With that decision made, she looked around for the game console, eager to jump back in again. When she’d dozed off, her son's game system had been in her room, but now it was gone. Pulling on a cropped plaid shirt and a pair of jeans, she went in search of the game console.She found it in the living room and knew Zack had retrieved it while she slept and it hadn't even woke her up. The hairy alien had really worked her over on that spaceship because usually she was a light sleeper. It was hard to believe that she didn't have an ounce of discomfort after all of that…action. It made her want to do it again all the more.Jane switched on the console and headed to the kitchen, sitting the controller down. As she reached for a coffee cup, it vibrated off the counter and hit the floor. When she eagerly grabbed it up, she was shocked by a jolt of electricity that shot up her arm.In the other room, she heard the familiar voice listing the game warnings. Thinking this was important information she might need, it highly annoyed her when she was unable to move closer to make it out. However, she did hear the announcer ask if she wan…“I can’t hear you! Fine though, it's all good, you know,” she shouted, just as the floor vanished and she fell through a dark abyss. Jane's body vibrated with a weird energy as she plummeted which made it hard to concentrate on the annoying voice, “Disclaimer: this game contains adult content, physically abusive creatures, BDSM, and possible drowning. All injuries will be repaired upon exit. In the case of death—“ the sentence was cut off as darkness faded and she landed on a spongy surface in a world that was clearly not Damien’s apartment.“Oh, no! Did you just say death and drowning?" Jane yelled up at the sky, as she squinted in an attempt to adjust her vision.

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    • Formato:  ePub
    • Subtítulo:  BOOKS 1 - 3 OF ROUGH, SEXY FUN
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Assunto: História
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001047701569
    • ISBN:  9781365262333

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