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Armenian origin neuroeconomist, Varoozh Sahakian, holds D.B.A., Ph.D degrees in Economics & a Ph.D in Sociology. His disappointment with the traditional neoclassical economic theory top-down “macho-biased” approach to homo-economicus, alongwith his belief that homo-sapines choice behavior & decision-making is limited mainly by his/ her biology, or in other words, economics actually is a part of biology science, motivated him to gather deep knowledge about human bilology, brain & nervous system, gender differences, genetic and hormonal & chemical functions. The “Female brain unearths the neoclassical economic theory biases/ anomalies,” book is the fi rst of two books the author has written about this newborn, yet, burgeoning fi eld of “Neuro-economics,” a highly promising human science approach to understanding the neurobiological bases of human choice behavior and decision-making processes. The author presents a very promising and blossoming scientifi c fi eld, which portrays a more accurate and real & candid picture of human nature than neoclassical reductionist economic theory. In many aspects, neuroeconomics approach is a positive , constructive one, helping to explain the human capacity for kindness and cooperation and the centrality of fairness to social emotions, morality & norms (by-passed by many Walrasian and neoclassical advocates). The book, after all, introduces an economic agent who is not necessarily acquisitive automation conditioned always to narrow self-interest, like neoclassical economic theory’s unisex (macho) or unsex, but can be a female &male, young & old decision maker. In other words, it introduces a more real, “whole human:” A ‘Homo-Neuro-Economicus.’ The most outstanding initiative of the book is the introduction of a feminist economic theory, its critical approach to the neoclassical economic theory, supported interestingly not only by sociocultural/ historical insights but by neuro-biological, psychological, gender, chemical & hormonal evidence, too. The author envisions, that this challenging discipline is likely, once for all, to realize Adam Smith & David Hume’s dream by providing; “A unifi ed theory of human choice behavior and decision-making in the forthcoming future.”

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    • Editora: XLIBRIS
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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2013
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