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When gorgeous, sexy Shauna Vanderbraun flies down to Mexico to celebrate her 18th birthday, she’s kidnapped by brigands who believe they’re the last direct descendants of a long-extinct Incan tribe. Will she be taken hard and unprotected on a sacrificial altar by these five horny, virile men? Can she manage to escape being ravaged in their mind-blowing gangbang? Or will she even want to try?~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“What did you say to me?”By now, Shauna was so furious that she could barely think straight. “I said no! It doesn’t belong to you. Give it back right now!”Shocked silence echoed back and forth across the roughhewn stone chamber. The distant sound of dripping water was suddenly very loud.Her captor’s lips thinned into a flat line. “You dare to defy me?” In one smooth move, he jammed his big high-caliber pistol against her bruised forehead. “I have killed men for less.”She was past caring. She’d been kidnapped, dragged through the jungle, half-starved for two days, and scared out of her wits by gigantic snakes and lizards. Her head still ached from being bashed against the car window, and this was absolutely, positively the last straw!“Then go ahead and kill me!” she snapped. “But if you do, it will only prove that you’re a coward…and no one will follow a coward! Your men will tear you to pieces where you stand!”The gun’s muzzle felt icy-cold against her temple. She felt each vibration as he pulled the hammer back, and it clicked with ominous deliberation.Her precious high-tech tablet was brand-new, a birthday present from her best friend the day before she’d traveled down to Mexico for her long-awaited solo vacation. But suddenly, despite her righteous indignation, Shauna wondered if it was really worth dying for. Surely Amanda would understand if she explained how she’d been run off the road and taken hostage by these vicious banditos!Before the brigand could squeeze the trigger, a soft chuckle suddenly broke the tense silence, and a tall silhouette emerged from the shadows. “She is brave,” the newcomer rumbled in a deep, husky voice that sent unexpected shivers down her spine. “Give her back her purse and that pretty little toy. Perhaps we can find a better use for her than to feed El Gato.”She’d heard the enormous panther screaming its defiance when they’d rattled into the overgrown clearing. The thought of being eaten—dead or alive—scared Shauna more than she cared to admit.“She is an insolent little bitch,” her captor snarled—for her benefit, she realized when the two men began an angry conversation in some foreign language she could only half-understand. It wasn’t quite Spanish or Mexican, but something that seemed ancient and violent even to her untrained ears. She did catch a few words here and there…rescate, which she knew meant rescue or ransom, and puta…Whore!

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001047672883
    • ISBN:  9781365012655

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