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Word search puzzles are one of many types of word games, which are designed to both challenge and stimulate the mind. Unlike cross word puzzles, which give clues to the words needed to fill in the blanks of the puzzle, words search puzzles present a group of apparently random letters that conceal words that must be identified within the puzzle. These word search puzzles were one of several tools developed and utilized by Rev. Wendell Wharton as part of a Bible study program for the youth and young adult ministry. The puzzles were designed to facilitate learning and recall of the books of the Bible in a unique manner, which would make learning both fun and challenging. Each word search puzzle within this publication is one 81/2 x 11 page of letters, which contain the titles of the books of the Bible hidden within them. The challenge and the objective is to identify all sixty-six books within each puzzle. Unique to Rev. Wharton's word search puzzles is that the titles or names of the books of the Bible are so arranged on each page such that when all of them have been identified, circled, or highlighted, an image appears. Each puzzle has a different image contained within it. The images may be a picture of an object, a word, or words. The initial series of puzzles included horizontal, vertical, and oblique entries. There are no oblique entries of name of the books within the puzzles in this publication. The earlier versions were also much smaller and did not reveal hidden images. The images were added to allow Rev. Wharton to quickly assess student progress on a puzzle and offer individualized feedback. While the puzzles were initially designed for the youth and young adults, the increasing number of requests for copies of the puzzles from adults and seniors suggested that there was a much larger audience. Input from Christians who like crossword puzzles revealed an appreciation for this Bible-based word search puzzles, hence this publication. May it be used for the benefit and edification of the saints.

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