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After their near fatal meeting at Chalk farm underground station, where Matt escaped using his photographic memory of the tunnels and sewers of old London. Sue was given a fake passport by General Wilson and helped on her way to meet Matt again. (Chronicles of Revenge, the beginning)Sue Young was hurtling through London on the back of a high powered Fire blade, she was heading for a flight for India to meet Matt and tell him her secret, that she was carrying his baby. Commander Featherstone from MI5 had sent men to tail her and Matt’s friend Abhay made sure they didn’t make it. Sue would now follow Matt and Wolf as they searched for the last two remaining men who had killed his two sons.Matt’s keen senses told him that somehow he was being lead, the reason could only be his ultimate death, but by who was still a mystery to him not that he cared anyway. His life was of no importance revenging his sons were and would always be his final goal no matter what the cost.Sue would learn a lot more about him plus have many death defying experiences and come to understand that killing to defend your own is easier than she would had ever thought before. After leaving Abhay they headed for Kathmandu, he had information that Steve Butler was there and with revenge in his eyes and death in his heart they drove on.The confrontation with Butler showed her another side to the troubled man that was Matt North, Sue would shed many tears some in sorrow and some in joy. Taking a cape sized ship they now head for Costa Rica and a final battle with Ed Barker.Sue would learn more about Matt’s past as they travelled on, the return bare knuckle fight with Ray Smith, how he and Wolf met and about his now dead wife Linda and how they became a couple.Matt contacts an old friend Alfie O an arms dealer and quarter master for non-official organisations, he sends him a list of what he needs to be waiting for him when he arrives at the port of Lemon. Alfie said he could organise transport form India by ship, what he doesn’t tell Matt is that there would be a ship to ship transfer involved.Matt and Wolf had done a ship to ship before and hated them so much he swore he’d never do one again, until now his need for revenge always overrode anything even his own life. After his near death ship to ship Matt meets up with Alfie O and to his surprise some old friend is waiting, Along with Mary Weston.Mary Weston was someone Matt never believed he’d see again and never thought for a moment she’d blackmail him. Some days into their journey Matt finds that his old friend has terminal cancer and there only wish is that Matt will give their girls the cash, a promise he will try to keep.The battle with Barker was epic and deadly, the flight back to civilisation had many deadly moments and to Matt’s complete disbelief things take a very strange turn.Back in the UK Matt meets up with Mary Western again in Regents Park. There is one last and strangely unbelievable twist for him, looking up at the top of a block of flats Sue notes his face change she’d seen that look and knew it meant trouble.In the cross hairs of a high powered rifle aimed by an expert marksman is Matt’s head and the shooter whispers. “Got yer, now you’re mine.” As his finger tightened around the trigger.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000956038858
    • ISBN:  9781311782175

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