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Smith is studying art at Yale and has a bright future ahead of him. He is not a man of half measures. What happens when he falls in love? And whom does he fall in love with? How much love is too much love? Surprise yourself with Love in Yale. Shiva is a man in mourning; he’s an asocial man, even if great. What will a father do whose daughter falls in love with an ascetic and a warrior? How would she win in love if not by losing herself? Read to find out how the story of Shiva and Shailputri ends. Sarthak is a modern man with a modern family and trapped in the modern world. This day has seen him coming out as an undisputed winner in corporate warfare. He is rushing to meet those he loves—his wife, his daughter. What happens then? Will time bring solace, or will he be betrayed by time? A soldier is beheaded in India-Pakistan border. His headless body comes back. Will his soul find its salvation in the patriotic reception he gets as a martyr after having served his country? He is an Indian soldier. He could belong to any country. Where is the resolution to the people who die in such conflicts? Are they great men destined for divinity, or are they human, all too human, like me and you? Discover a different perspective of territorial conflicts in The Death of a Soldier. These and three other stories are placed in different times, different worlds, with nothing but one common thread that runs across them. Connecting them is a human heart beating across the book. Surrender to the magic of the human heart.

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