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Is death the end? What does death mean for us anyway? In each of these stories the author takes you on an exploration of death and rebirth.In The Soul Bazaar we meet Bryn, a man forced to confront his demons in a struggle to redeem his soul.After The Disease: The Cure introduces us to Lucas, and his battle to find out who is the enemy in his post-apocalyptic world.Bes. A troubled mind struggling with two personalities.In The Cauldron Martina struggles with her identity and sexuality. Can she survive the mystery of The Cauldron?In The Hollow we find DI Winchcombe mourning the lives she couldn’t save. How can she stop more people from being brutally murdered?Wake. An old man looks forward to the new lease of life his transplant will give him. But at what cost?After The Disease: Last of My Kind. Lucas wanders into the path of The Hunters, but can he share what he’s learned of the cure before it’s too late?In The Book, Saul wanders into the world of The Tor and the red man. Why is his soul of such value to them? Is he a pawn, or something more important?These tales will have you questioning all you believe about that final step into the long shadow.Includes the competition-winning Wake, and an introduction by the author.

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