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A magnificent city lost over time destroyed by the Gods and sent to the bottom of the Ocean forever later to be written by the Greek philosopher Plato in two dialogues. Destroyed was their home but not its people who rebuilt their city back to its former glory. Learning from their violent past not to repeat it, the centuries go by and the outside world has populated the surface, no place for the Atlantean people to call home. Safe from the outside world and their advanced technology that is generated by a rare element only found at the outer reaches of the solar system. The Atlantean’s decide to stay below the waves to watch over and nurture the people from above giving them technology through the centuries until they are ready to accept them and their technology. Creating another city on the other side of Earth deep below the Pacific Ocean, the city grows rapidly hungry for more energy and power, the people in time rebel against Atlantis. With all-out war looming over the peaceful people of Atlantis, one man not from their world will come to understand the past and his future.

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