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Recreating Genius - A very wealthy man, a collector of antique music and instruments -- lost his wife and young son in an accident and became an alcoholic, but always held out hope that he could regain that lost happiness one day. A scientist contacts him, he sobers up, a plan is made, and a secret lab is funded. What emerges from the efforts of the doctor and the money provided by the man, is something that no one could have believed, let alone the man himself.Duplicity, is a story set in the near future and it’s about a female police detective investigating a crime. Someone pushed an employee of a high tech company off a balcony and she wonders what it has to do with a computer chip found clutched tightly in a death grip in the dead man’s hand. She notices someone watching the scene and right after that, finds another chip--in much better condition than the first. Is the man in the crowd a secret admirer or the perpetrator? She soon gets deeper into the case and things start to unravel--not always in a good direction, either.

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