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“Familiar our story be, fragments that, bits of flotsam drifting on the currents of the Cosmic Ocean.”The People of the Colony worked hard in the Ocean, be it diving a Manna Boy into a great gas giant for fuel or mining ore from a rock with a Tort. And as hard as they worked, the Colonists played even harder at their port of call in the Shallows. There, they found all of the delights to satisfy their many vices, be it for lust or love. There, they lived life large . . . and they waited. The Colony could not move on until the A.I. of the Underwater Panther selected her next Mammal captain. Only then would the Colony continue their search for an Island. Only then would that great vessel issue an All-Come and enter the Deep to Jump to a new Home. But the nature of the Cosmic Ocean be turbulent. Expect the unexpected be its bearing.Our story follows one Mammal navigating these stormy currents as he paddles through his natural life in the Colony. As a young male, he must endure the frustration of not knowing when or how his tutor will challenge him with the final test that will get him accepted as a Citizen. As an young adult, he captains his Mother’s asset, the Red Warrior, and leads his crew on expeditions into the unpredictable Shallows around the great gas giant Jove to mine for ore. Only one other activity brings him greater satisfaction, the pursuit of his second love and his desire to ask her the sacred question, to join him in the ultimate venture. Finally, we join these two mates as they undertake more challenges aboard the Underwater Panther as the Colony prepares to achieve its ultimate goal.In all endeavors, our captain and his fellow Colonists are resourceful, but in the end the Cosmic Ocean prevails and teaches a critical lesson about the order of things. This forces the Colony into a unique solution in their quest to find a Home. They sent 144,000 through . . .Convergent Colony, a science fiction, is an engaging adventure of over 190,000 words that is spiced with intrigue and flirts with both love and lust. Follow the course of one captain across 23 chapters divided into three parts: his troubles as an Essential, his work and play as a miner, and his final duties aboard that majestic vessel, the Underwater Panther. In reading this novel, you may be reminded of other familiar stories set in outer space: Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Andromeda, and so on. And after reading it, the reason for that familiarity may become more clear.For Mature Audiences: Some material may be inappropriate for readers of the age 17 or younger. Parental guidance is required.“If your matter neh gray, Parents have final say.”

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033764936
    • ISBN:  9780980166996

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