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Crimson is a mind-bending action-packed science fiction novel filled with past, present, and future, historical conspiracies. This second novel in the Trinity Series is a deep rich crimson soaked story with a plot that twists and turns page after page. Technologically driven, this story is one 'hell' of a ride and contains the mother of all retrofits. A well-hidden puppet master is pulling some very long strings as Crimson unleashes hell on earth. This follow-up to Cobalt picks up the fun from the first novel and hits the binary throttle hard. The overall feel of the book is old school horror mixed with a dash of new school science fiction. Prepare to 'stiffen' up a bit as Crimson stings her way into your connective tissue. Brought to its knees, America, and the entire planet, is on the brink of disaster and only one thing stands in their way of completing their satanic programming. Petra is in for the fight of her life as this ever-growing evil plagues the earth.

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