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How many times can a man start over? A tangled web of poisonous greed spreads its tentacles around Josh Carter and his true love Anne’s happy new life on the California coast as her groundbreaking teamwork in biomechanics threatens a powerful psion. Refusing to acknowledge what his visions warn, Josh faces devastation that even his years of terrorist training can’t stop.Roaming the flooded San Francisco waterfront, Josh stumbles into the House of Rae where an old friend Marie, on the run from an abusive husband, extends a helping hand in spite of her struggles against mysterious forces siphoning House energy away from the healing grid. As Marie joins with other Bay area psions to breech the dimensional shift, Josh must decide if he will embrace his innate powers or abandon Marie and the House that has saved him.The House of Rae series plunges deep into a near-future world of devastated landscapes, religious terrorism, legalized prostitution, and a menacing plague of brown death. Backed by desperate governments facing rampant fire and dwindling water, psions channel energy from dance centers and sex houses in a last-ditch effort to save the world’s populations. What they never expected was a deranged witch with the power to destroy them all.

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