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Angelica Avery is an astronaut and research scientist who travels through space and time to find her father, Physicist and geneticist Dr. Louis Avery, AKA Akros. She meets Balta, an evil dictator who is determined to rule the galaxy, and the survivors of his wrath on the deserted planet of Tolaria. Cely is her trustworthy android, who assists her in survival. Jeff Walker is a former Martian, and a celebrated hero of the Republic of Peaceful Civilizations, and about to be married to his fiancé, Lori Anderson, on his new home planet of Ventros. Together they must defeat Balta and his alliance before he regenerates his race with clones, and recreates a powerful weapon. Angelica discovers things about her father that she never dreamed possible, and begins to realize he wasn’t the man she thought he was.Follow more adventures of Jeff Walker and his two Lingwort friends, Dormiton and Milgic, as they travel across the galaxy, in the sequel, Return To Doomsday. Join the ordeal that Dr. Louis Averys daughter, Angelica must face to find out the truth about her father, and the man known as Jeff Walker. Her voyage sends her to far away worlds, tyrannical leaders, mind reading aliens, and brutal, savage customs. Can she stop an evil, diabolical monster from destroying everything her father worked for? Find out in the next edition of the Dimension Lapse series.

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