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Humanity has gone to the stars!Earth, once barren and decimated by war and the depletion of natural resources has been reborn. Through much hardship and difficult conditions, a coalition of several large corporations have terraformed the planet and have made it a paradise. Many believe this is a giant leap in finding a plausible solution to the increasing population problem. There are no planets available to support the entirety of the human race. Therefore, the children of Earth have spread themselves out to other planets.The reformation of Earth’s atmosphere is seen as a positive step toward reuniting mankind by letting humanity return to its roots.Until The Coalition hangs a big "no trespassing" sign on the lawn.Humans have settled distant planets and have yet to encounter any alien species, though many believe that they are out there.Floating on a barren rock called Axapta III, an enemy from humanitys past has reawakaned.And they are angry.Today, Scavengers prey on small mining towns and colonies. The United Planetary Alliance Marshalls Service seems unable to stop these raids. Marshall Maxwell Vortex’s officers are out-manned and out-gunned. They are the only law enforcement on many colony worlds.Newly promoted Captain, Virgina Harmon accepts her first command, the starship Pegasus, a ship designed to deal with the Scavenger problem. Plagued by nervousness over her first command, Captain Harmon is rocked by the news that her mentor has been murdered just days before he was to report to her aboard the Pegasus as chief of engineering.In Earth orbit, a science station becomes a target. The newly returned enemy has a plan to use the Space Lab facility as a means to claiming Earth, a planet they have decided will be their new home world.In deep space, the starship Ulysis welcomes aboard Admiral James McKeen, a high-ranking officer with a special mission for Captain William Andrews and his crew. McKeen has uncovered evidence that those plotting against the Alliance are prepared to make their move and it is up to the crew of the Ulysis to stop them.Earthstrike Agenda follows the skeleton crew aboard the Pegasus, the inhabitants of Space Lab, the Marshal’s Service, the crew of the Ulysis, and an enemy bent on their destruction.EARTHSTRIKE AGENDA.Whoever controls Earth--- Wins!

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