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Father and son, Bill and Billy, were both in to photography. On this warm, humid but nice Florida day they decided to go out for some nature photography. So they got their cameras and tripods for a nice day of shooting. Loading it in to Billys car they went down the highway to find the right spot. They found a place, where a fence sort of wrapped itself around some bushes forming a pattern, something Billy liked. A little bit farther along this fence stood a dead tree in the middle of a paddock, and in front of a living forest. I liked the contrast between the dead tree and the living forest. Both of us started taking our pictures, and I set my camera on a setting that gave me three shots with half a second between them, on the last frame one second after the first there was a being standing by the forest edge. A small humanoid with a big had and big eyes, but with skinny legs and arms. Where did it come from? And how come it wasnt on the other two frames? When we left we were stopped by two FBI agents that wanted to know if we had seen something. We saw a small humanoid at the forest edge. Did you take any pictures of this humanoid? No, we only looked at it through my binoculars. I answered. Later when we had contacted a doctor, her name is Alex Brown, and promised her fifty percent of what our pictures may bring, she was interested and wanted us to drive back to where we had seen this humanoid. We followed her suggestion, and when we returned to the same spot, the humanoid was still there. But so were the two FBI agents they set after us at high speed, but an eighteen wheels driver had a different opinion, and the result turned out well for us.

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