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A monster blood red devil-like entity/transcendent from beyond reality, in a colossal fifteen-mile alien artifact, chases another entity/transcendent into reality and crashes into this world!Millions of year later explorers, scientists, and the military uncover the ancient alien artifact, and monster blood red devil-like entity/transcendent inside.A new military detection system is being tested for the first time in a plane and an uncharted lost desolate Pacific island appears and it detects something of unknown origins just before the equipment and plane’s electronics stop working and it crash-lands!They find thousands of unknown species of strange life forms, believed to be mutants, in a fifteen-mile round crater at the center of the island!They are rescued and soon return to the island with hunters and start capturing them, and the scientists explore the cavity trying to determine what it is and soon start to uncover the immense fifteen-mile alien artifact buried away!They discover the monster blood red devil-like entity/transcendent inside and awaken it from its form of suspended animation, fully revived and deadly, with powers capable of destroying the galaxy!

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