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A high quality action-packed thriller of explorers encountering a mind-bending ultimate voyager!A new thriller of explorers, paranormal investigators, scientists, military, archeologists, and treasure seekers uncovering a deadly mind-bending voyager with inconceivable magnitude and supernatural origins that explored outer universes and entered this universe exploring something of unknown origins!For centuries people have been viciously subjected to deadly mind-bending magical forces and manifestations, and its origins, from a majority of accumulated sources, occurred around 1620 when fishermen witnessed its materialization exploding out of the early morning mist over the sea, like a crazy shooting star.Accounts of it reshaping and having accelerated/decelerated motions and forms like a crazy entity/life form and that it appeared to be damaged and be on the brink of losing its existence had later shown that it had entered some form of damaged or dormant state, surely exhausted of energy from either its extraordinary manifestation, or from its impact with the world, or it not even having existed in universe.The fishermen that found it had taken it to the most knowledgeable and powerful person, who were staggered by its existence.He took it from them and it was never seen again, but years later, they had heard of its activation and that many deaths had occurred and that they had been trying use it for magical purposes, to foresee future occurrences, and to accumulate its powerful powers.According to legends all the people there had been found dead, and it had left the most powerful magical object in existence, in whatever state and place they had left it, with powers going beyond anything else, with power surges opening gateways going beyond the universe.For centuries the lost treasure had been thought to exist there by a few explorers, who had carried out investigations and searches for it, of which many had paid by losing their lives, by being in the wrong time or place.The place had to have been one of the most dangerous places in the world and nobody attempted to live there, or even live near there. People could not survive permanently living in its confines! Even though most of the time its powers dwindled and some people had managed to survive and escape after living for months there, and had given horrific accounts of mind-bending wonders and deadly menaces that they had been subjected to.At one point, in 1880, to which nobody knows why, its existence had become entirely dormant and a wealthy businessman had found the place by accident while visiting the region and had bought it from the owners of the land.He had recognized the value of the building it was in and its historical importance, its colossal architecture and dimensions, and had seen that it was worthless in the desolate place, in the middle of nowhere, and had it removed in large sections and shipped across the Atlantic, where he had intended to reconstruct it near New York.What occurred next was never revealed, and there occurred an extensive amount of lost information, and all that was known was that the owner had died in mysterious circumstances and that the building had ended up at a different and secret location in the depths of an immense desolate wood, hidden away from anyone locating it, with what was there activated again.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033724848
    • ISBN:  9781311060624

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