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On the verge of death, a drunk is saved by an alien scientist who wishes to use him as a host to study the human race. He is given a new body. His organic brain was downloaded into a quicksilver like substance and connected to several other brains which now comprise his new Multi-Brain. The new body contained many new enhancements which he shares with the alien residing in his brain case.These enhancements include such things as telescopic vision, microscopic vision, infrared, and x-ray.Using his new Multi-Brain, he is able to invent new products and write computer programs which make him very wealthy. The alien helps him transform his body and assume a new identity. He always wanted to be a country singer. His Multi-Brain gives him the skill necessary to fulfill his dreams.He is transformed into a handsome, muscular, 6 foot 3 inch singer. In his new identity, he buys a nightclub in downtown Nashville. He hires a female manager who also has the responsibility to interview females in the audience for intimate hookups after his show. His new persona allows him to attract many willing females.Later feeling somewhat unfulfilled with his little groupies and asks the alien for advice. The space visitor tells him that the secret to happiness was a balanced life. If he wanted to be a master with love slaves, then he must also be a slave and have masters. After much contemplation, he gave the upstairs love area to his manager Brenda. Her job was to start a new fan club. Members had full authority over the area.The upstairs area is redecorated and named The Temple of Feminine Treasures. He is required to ask permission to enter. When he enters, it is he who is the love slave. New members of his fan club have to go through a special initiation.His adventures do not go undiscovered. A female journalist investigates rumors that the singer is using his fan club as love slaves. Also, a detective from Michigan comes to investigate his possible involvement in the murder of the singers previous identity when the left over body parts from his conversion are found. The detective brings a black cocaine prostitute to keep him company and satisfy his erotic desires.

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