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While exploring ancient ruins on an alien world, three friends make an amazing discovery. They find a mysterious device, its function a complete mystery. But before they can even figure out just what the strange sphere is used for, their colony, Bourassa, is attacked from space. The humans and an alien race known only as the “Squids” have been skirmishing in deep space for years. However, the “Squids” have recently escalated the conflict to include bombing the actual human colonies. So when their alien enemies appear in the skies over their home; Grant, Abby and Aaron decide that the appearance of the aliens just after they’ve discovered the artifact cannot be a coincidence. They need to keep the artifact, which could be anything, away from the aliens at all costs. Grant’s worst fear is that it is something that the “Squids” could use as a weapon. So, until they can figure out just what the artifact is and what type of power it might possess they will do everything they can to keep it out of enemy hands. The three young friends have no idea how their actions might turn the tide of the war and even affect the fate of the galaxy.

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