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    A dying Dr. Mark Langer finds a frightened microbiologist who has developed a cure for age. Rejuvenated by genetic engineering, Mark takes over the task of negotiating with the world who should win the treatment and how civilization must cope with the prospect of further overpopulation. He battles an assault on the White House, near assassination, and civil wars in his desperate attempt to stabilize a world upset by the advent of eternal life. His character changes via new neurons that replace those that have died. He also rediscovers love and the many other joys of youth. REVIEWS In Growing Young, Dean Warren has built a powerful novel. He engages the reader with well developed characters and thought provoking ideas in a compelling saga of greed, manipulation and romance. A must read for the sci fi fan as well as those individuals concerned with the issues of aging and overpopulation in today´s world. Linda Dunlap, author. MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, October 1, 2002 Growing Young by Dean Warren is an adventurous and intriguing science fiction novel about Dr. Mark Langer, an old man who is presented with a cure for aging. Langer undertakes the treatment and reverses his aging body to that of a robust and healthy 25 year-old. Yet in a world already crushed with overpopulation, how is he to see that this magnificent achievement is not abused for malevolent ends? Growing Young accomplishes what science fiction does best--provides the reader with a profound and thoughtful saga about how the possibility of immortality could affect human society as a whole. CROWS NEST BOOKS, 9/1/2002 Growing Young is not some dry essay. It is a very witty novel. The main character, Dr. Mark Langer, is a cross between Bill Clinton and James Bond, with the combined pulling powers of both! The ghetto gangsters and Jared Hull (a man so bad that you want to throw orange peel at him!) are gloriously well done and help the story to travel like a raft on the river rapids. If you like the wry cynicism of ´Dr. Strangelove´ of ´Stark´ by Ben Elton then this book should be on your reading list. It explores important human issues in a funny and very immensely readable novel. SCRIBES WORLD REVIEWS, 11/1/2002 This is a very well done and intriguing story as well as a very thought provoking one. If eternal youth were available to a chosen few, who would you choose? THE COMPULSIVE READER, 11/25/2002 Dean Warren´s newest book, GROWING YOUNG, proves once again that he is a master of this writing genre. He writes of a futuristic society while weaving in facts of things happening in our own time: scientific and genetic research, unemployment, division of the poor and the elite, war and over-population. He not only entertains but makes readers think of the possibility of these things and the repercussions that go along with them. EXCERPT

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      • Ano de Edição: 2002
      • Ano:  2016
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2001038391878
      • ISBN:  9781462817238

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