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"Robsons first collection includes 15 reprints, published from 1994 onwards, and one story original to this volume. In the heartbreaking "Cracklegackle," which connects to her novel Natural History, an unevolved father strikes a deal with a Forged scout to solve the mysterious disappearance of his daughter from Mars. "Erie Lackawanna Song," linked to Mappa Mundi, reveals early plans for MM6, a virus enabling the government to control peoples minds, while in "The Girl Heros Mirror Says Hes Not the One" a girl changes significantly after MM infection. "A Dream of Mars" recalls Frankenstein when a hunter is hired to kill a man-made creature living in the forests of the red planet. Some pieces feature obvious twists and others seem to end before the real story even has a chance to begin, but fans of Robsons novels will be gratified to see her worlds expanded here."-Publishers Weekly

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