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Set in the future where the world has been forced to live in domed cities because of global warming. Academics are the new nobility and one of them is hiding amongst the common man. And she is hiding a secret. She has unlocked the full potential of the human race. This story follows her and one of the common citizens of the city Panacea who is more than just common.Hero is a man afraid to run away. He wasnt running anywhere."I think a strength tattoo should do it. Take off your shirt.""Im not here for a tat. Dont like the things.""This one is different. Take off your shirt."He hesitated. His mind could only think of prolonging her hands on his body.Misha has never met someone like Halcyon. His world had always been the city neighborhood he had grown up in. He kept his nose clean and he stayed out of trouble. The blue haired little genius was anything but peaceful as she draws him into a world of science that is so worlds ahead of everyone else it seems like magic. But Misha is ready for some magic in his life, he isnt so sure the crazy inventor was ready for him.Halcyon has found the secret to bringing the most out of the human potential, only she has to guard her secrets from unscrupulous gangs who threaten to take over the neighborhood and the state. She has no idea what to do with the very large man that has volunteered to be her guinea pig. Why cant people just leave her alone.Together they have to learn whether they are man enough to be heroes.

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