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The city of Fernum just became a metropolitan killing field. As part of the secret Judges Program, prisoner Elias "Eli" Walker Bishop has been turned into a cybernetic weapon. A genius with no past, Eli is given one very nasty power source for his new body: the personality of executed anarchist Eddie Zagan. When an uprising over a decade in the making frees the imprisoned Eli, he and his inseparable partner embark on a journey of blood vindication against Fernum's ruling powers. Accompanying them is Millia, the woman of unknown origin whose blood has granted Eli the power to maintain his new body. The seemingly angelic woman is the center of the chaos swirling through Fernum. While Eli struggles to hide his bond with Eddie, he remains oblivious to the true nature of his companion. But Mayor Alistair Campbell and the rest of Fernum's elite have more a few aces in the hole. Eli's fellow Judges are on the hunt, as eager to defeat Eddie as they are to return Millia to Campbell. As Eli and Millia confront enemies both external and internal, the link between them becomes frighteningly clear. Can they make the cruelest of sacrifices for a greater good?

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