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Neutrino C.A.T is a short science fiction story first published in the online magazine A Writers Choice Literary Journal in 1998. It was my second published story and soon after its appearance the solar neutrino ‘problem’ was resolved and hence the background became both obsolete and unnecessary. However I still like it despite those, and other, flaws. It has dated but it seems to work despite that and has some interesting ideas.This story is a test file uploaded to check my ability to format an E Book as an Epub file from scratch and check its appearance before I try any other publications here. Please have a look at it on your e reader, or any other mobile device providing a similar function, and let me know if it is readable or not. If you see any formatting or layout errors please tell me about them. I hope the links provided in the document work but if not I have a Wordpress blog as roy444.

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