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If you hunger and thirst for truth or at least its leading edge, and are intrepid to dare go where few venture, there may rest just beyond your reach a manifest destiny far above and beneath what a simple understanding might render. If you sense ‘tis so, this trilogy of novels might very well be just right for you. Or if you merely suspect the nightly news may be giving you a spin-dried, distorted version of the truth, and that there are stories too important and drastic to be unfolded to the general milieu, these novels are for you. And if not, yet you find it intriguing enough to set aside your mindset long enough to consider whether a well-designed matrix is at work, this may yet be for you. One never knows until one knows, no? A fresh, young Duke in London finds himself suddenly thrust into a vortex of an impossible nature, surrounded by these world ‘movers and shakers’, their unfathomable plans made suddenly quite real and in fact, impending. He’s pressed to decide who he is and what he believes, and must act decisively upon this self-discovery and somehow survive it, as these present-to-near-future events loom menacingly upon the darkening horizon. Although the characters are fictitious, and any resemblance to real characters are superficial, circumstantial and/or unintentional, the general nature of the personalities involved is wrapped, not in any particularities of those characters, but solely in the general sweep of their dark intent. Furthermore, while every effort is made to render them as the most reasonable gentlemen of their perceived reality, their foundational underpinnings are herein challenged via the reasoning of a more human nature. The reader will be advised as per their goals, means and ways, unmasking many of their guarded secrets, most of which are “hidden in plain sight”, as they smugly delight in proclaiming. Their “calling card” they leave everywhere, to send their message and dare any to act upon the information, smug in their assured impunity, as being “above the law” to which they hold all others. Herein will these largely uncharted waters unravel the mysteries of the ages. Their collaborated relationships, deeds and dialogues were invented for sake of portraying the general sweep and nature of what plans, in reality, are unfolding. And however wrapped in fictitious characters, the background information is actually factual and most certainly searchable. So the reader is invited to research the facts presented for accuracy. And while I make no claim of being personally familiar with the characters portrayed, artistic license is employed for rendering them in keeping with the general gist of the story, which history and current events coalesce within their master plan for earth’s inhabitants. Thus, in the general sweep of the dark deep throughout the ages, it’s proven true as glue. Future events no one can depict with any ironclad certainty. And I’d never claim to be a prophet. The true ones come few and far between. As for crystal ball tellers, they are charlatans. Such nonsense is for dark-side deception, to capture poor souls desperate for excitement and mystery. Whereas darkness is meant to be freed to the light, where life abounds. Nevertheless, by their actions of the past and operations in the present, the modus operandi within the dark conclaves of these powerful men have conscripted a set of possible scenarios. From these possibilities, certain likely scenarios are emerging. It is my goal while presenting an engaging, fictional story, to assist the diligent reader in preparing circumstantially, physically and moreover, spiritually, as a bulwark against the maelstrom breaking, even now, upon us all.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001052463025
    • ISBN:  9781483580319

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