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Somethings tearing Scotts mind apart, eating him from the inside out, remaking him into something else.He cant stop it - he doesnt want to. He couldnt want to, even if hed been able to think about it.Scott cant take part in his transformation because hes already dead, and has been throughout most of it.But hes been very, very busy.The Agency owns most of the planet, and runs it with the aid of artificial intelligences whove betrayed them to a conquering race of aliens. Prehistoric interdimensional beings shift invisibly between worlds in competition with the Hive Queen for world dominance and influence over humanitys timeline. The Earth herself awakens and joins the struggle for freedom.The puppets are cutting their strings, but it will take a human child to open the gates to the kingdom and slow the spread of darkness.The Black Awakening is upon usBELLUM ESCALATES#chemtrails #HAARP #illuminati #implants #aliens #paranormal #spirits #Gaia #reincarnation #TimeTravel #djinni #AI #IntelligenceAgencies #MindControl #NWO #MKULTRA #MonarchProgram

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