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Scenario What do you do when a terrible accident shatters your body, all but takes your voice from you and removes most of your face, leaving you confined to a specially adapted room with what remains of your face hidden behind a mask? All this, and yet your excellent mental faculties fully intact? If you are William John Baltimore, founder of the information network called SOURCE, accepting your fate is not an option. Enter Professor Sir James Robert Carvel, eminent Cryo Neurosurgeon, who has often voiced his opinion, privately, that the human brain can be transplanted. In the course of time, along with his equally eminent ‘Team' of Professors; Richard Beckler, Anthony Morrow and Ernst Kraser, Carvel begins planning what came to be known as ‘The Carvel Experiment'; the transplanting of Baltimore's brain into a healthy donor body. Dateline August, 1985. Would this be the start of a successful process as in 1967, when Doctor Christiaan Barnard pioneered the first human heart transplant or lead to the creation of a modern day Frankenstein scenario? In Prometheus Ascending, William P Thomson brings alive the characters and events of this remarkable story and its life-changing consequences in what is an excellent read.

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