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Eggmen and Emeralds The Gentiles tried to confound the followers of the prophet after they tarred and feathered him in Missouri and murdered him in Illinois. The Lehmanites and the Sons of Seth came to our aid by the glory of God even though we had slandered them, and the nation of the Latter-Day Saints was arisen. The Mormon Ascendancy The Mormon ascendancy, whereby they settle California, only occurs on time lines where a variety of unlikely events all occur. Chief among these unlikely events is the rise of a “colored” man (a person of partially African descent), James Douglas, to the post of governor-general of the Pacific Northwest colonies of the British Empire. He was not only their first governor-general but also their founder, having first founded the colony of Vancouver Island with a fort and townsite at Victoria. Later, he founded the mainland colony of British Columbia as well. Hughy Rough Shanks and the Virgins The legend of Hughy and the maidens was known on all the worlds of men. The story varied from ribald drinking songs on one world to serious religious stories on another, but the legend was always essentially the same. The aliens had intended to destroy earth, but before they had done so, Hughy and the virgins had spread human beings far and wide to other stars. In doing so, they frightened the aliens so badly that they had moved far away from the contagion. Here we have the story of Hughy Rough Shanks and the maidens and how they saved mankind.

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