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Arch Terrorists Myla Voltan, and General Omar Sardin return in this adventure, to join forces with renegade Scientists from Inner Earth. They plan to control Planet Earth with the help of a newly invented Time Machine. Commandos from Peace and World Security team up with Inner Earth Security forces in an attempt to prevent these renegades from altering the Space-Time Continuum and thereby altering the course of the future. Deep within the Earth, the Security Forces find themselves facing the hidden armies of The Brotherhood of The Sarm, and realize they are caught in a battle they cannot win.Captain Gordon Mackenzie, the man who can become The Crystal Commando, once again teams up with his Cybernetic partner, the Gray Wolf called The Duke, and they attempt to infiltrate the Sarms Lair. Their goal is to shut down a powerful force field that keeps the Security troops from using High Tech weapons against The Sarm.A gifted Alien plays a significant role in the plot as the (Trilogy) winds down to a thrilling conclusion. Other adventures will follow in the future.

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