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We all have a monster living within. It is our choice whether to cage the beast or feed it. For Cory Cattson, this is a choice he will be forced to make, quite literally and quite soon. In the 2200s, nothing much has changed on Earth except for two notable differences: The citizens of the planet have successfully rallied to take better care of their home, and it is now an accepted fact that life does exist on other worlds—and it is not all friendly and benevolent. Cory is recruited to join a unique high school that trains Earth’s protectors. He survived a brutal attack by an evil creature when he was a small child and still carries the scars. No one suspects that for Cory, the worst is yet to come. Within his body, his attacker planted a malevolent spirit, one that seeks to terrorize the universe. That the host must be sacrificed is a small price to pay. As if his childhood was not traumatic enough, Cory must now deal with the most terrifying adversary of his life: himself.

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