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From science fiction grand master Isaac Asimov comes a stand-alone novel set in his renown galactic empireBiron Farrell was young and naïve, but he was growing up fast. A radiation bomb planted in his dorm room changed him from an innocent student at the University of Earth to a marked man, fleeing desperately from an unknown assassin.He soon discovers that, many light-years away, his father, the highly respected Rancher of Widemos, has been murdered. Stunned, grief-stricken, and outraged, Biron is determined to uncover the reasons behind his father's death, and becomes entangled in an intricate saga of rebellion, political intrigue, and espionage.The mystery takes him deep into space where he finds himself in a relentless struggle with the power-mad despots of Tyrann. Now it is not just a case of life or death for Biron, but a question of freedom for the galaxy.“This little novel will transport you back to a simpler time, when story lines we are jaded towards today were fresh and intoxicating, and that gosh-wow! sense of wonder covered science fiction like a layer of fine, gold dust.” —SFReviews.netAt the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

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Nascido na Rússia, Isaac Asimov é escritor e bioquímico. Reconhecido por histórias de ficção científica, a série da Fundação é sua obra mais famosa. O título é também conhecido como Trilogia da Fundação, pertencente à série do Império Galáctico, e que logo combinou com outra grande série, Robots. Rôbos era o assunto favorito de Isaac Asimov, mas obras de fantasia, mistério e não ficção também fizeram parte dos enredos. No total, foram mais de 500...
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