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An ancient legend laced with magical realism lurks in modern-day breathtaking locales of Monterey, Carmel-by-the Sea, and Big Sur in Central California. Detectives Luther Charles and Glenda McMahan from the Monterey PD are called close to dawn to witness a most unnerving autopsy in Monterey Memorial's basement forensics facility. A male victim found on the damp rocky terrain of Asilomar Beach had been drained of all blood and body fluids.As the investigation continues, both detectives realize this could be the nightmare they encountered in the Midwest two years ago. Restaurant owner, Tilly Houser from the exclusive community of Big Sur becomes involved with the detectives because of her daughter's savage death by an elusive artist/nurse, Amora Babasa Thornton. This exotic Spanish/Filipino import transforms into this evil shapeshifting aswang told about in Philippine folklore. At a dinner party to everyone's horror, in her vile state, Amora goes after her most ultimate kill, Luther Charles's pregnant wife, Althea.Detectives, along with the Monterey chief of police, and other brave souls catch and kill the creature before she takes the lives of Althea Charles and her baby daughter. The thrilling action and mystical appearance of a redeemed one gives this mystery a non-stop ride of twists and turns. Glenda and Vincent Pomerosa put their marriage plans on hold to satisfy Glenda\\'s burning passion to delve deeper into this recurring legend for one reason - her young son living in the southern region of the Philippines, Mindanao.

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