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World DividedThe world as Qamra knows it is divided between those who dedicate their lives to science and advancing technology and those live under strict traditional laws and rituals based on celestial forces. Then she discovers a middle ground and the secrets in her unremembered past. And its in those secrets she finds the power to aid in ending the invasion which indiscriminately wipes out both sides of a divided society unable to stand against outside attack.Quelling the SouthFour and a half years after the events of World Divided, Qamra still hasnt returned to the city now led by the council, but the southern invaders have found a way around the weakening border. What she has found are some potential new allies and long lost knowledge. With her husband missing in action and potential threats against her entire race, can she and Ravi put an end to the invasions for good?Lunar and Solar MirroredWhile Qamra is investigating a complaint by the ocean dwelling race, Ravi is attacked and left near death. Witnesses claim his attacker exploded into dust, but an investigation into who, how, and why leads to more questions than answers. When some of those questions link back to the unanswered questions in the pasts of Tariq and Shiri, Qamra sets out to make her own investigation. In doing so, she runs afoul of a millenia old curse and a race fighting hard against their inevitable fate. But if only one of the land dwelling races of Ashma can survive, which one will it be?

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