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On the morning of his twelfth birthday, Simon wakes to the realisation that this morning he must visit the Tobol cubicle at the local shops. It’s an activity forbidden for children under sixteen, but he can’t back down. He has boasted to his friends, lied to his parents and stolen his father’s ID card. This simple, suburban defiance becomes the first step in a sequence of events over four years that escalate into a global catastrophe that Simon may have triggered.In the re-imagined recent past of Tobol the cubicles have become ubiquitous – appliances which many adults use to seek solace from problems. The cubicles act as an automated combination confessional and therapist. They seem innocuous yet prove to conceal an unimagined potential for harm.When Simon arrives at school after his clandestine visit to his first Tobol cubicle he feels triumphant. Disappointingly, the new girl Georgina is unimpressed. Simon is infatuated with Georgina. Her mother has disappeared, rumoured to have been murdered by her father, Joe. Her father’s protest group, the Aman Harkat, had previously been under suspicion of involvement in the Sydney Hilton Bombing. He is mistrusted and alienated by Simon’s middle-class, suburban community and Georgina and her father are the subject of gossip, fuelling Simon’s fascination.Simon and Georgina develop a close friendship. In unguarded moments he senses her grief for her lost mother, but intuitively understands that for the sake of their friendship he must not pry into her past. They lose touch after primary school, but Simon does not forget her. They are reacquainted after a chance meeting four years later. Their resulting intense relationship draws Simon into Georgina and Joe’s world of loss, rebellion, fear and impending triumph.Georgina holds Karill Massimov, the sociopathic founder of the Tobol company, personally responsible for he mother’s disappearance. She and the Aman Harkat believe Karill is using his Tobol corporations wealth and power against a world Karill has grown to despise – a world blinded by its addiction to religion and the easy access to Tobols quick relief from their problems. The Aman Harkat has compiled a substantial body the evidence against Karill and the Tobol company, but community prejudice and apathy prevents the evidence from being heard until Simon takes a step which brings the true nature of Tobol to public attention.This is the trigger that ultimately results in mass murder and chaos. It’s a disaster Simon personally feels he and his friends precipitated and one that may destroy any chance of discovering what really happened to Georgina’s mother.Simon’s four year journey of self-discovery had been shadowed by the development of Tobol from an accepted part of life into the means for a psychopath to commit mass murder. Simon’s loss of innocence is mirrored by society’s realisation that faith without evidence is dangerous, but will the lesson truly be learned?

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033770456
    • ISBN:  9781310684333

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