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Three years ago, Sofia Kennedy reported the tragic death of her girlfriend live-on air. Still in the closet even with her closest friends, she was forced to suffer her loss in silence. In the years since shes become isolated and sticks strictly to a routine that prevents her from encountering painful memories of the woman she lost.Marion Vogt runs a small but well-respected catering service that feeds the elite of Seattle. When Sofias consumer reporting segment does a story on Marions company, the two women immediately butt heads. An unintended insult results in a scathing report that nearly shuts down the business. Marions attempt to defend herself results in a deepening of their conflict until both women are ready to destroy one another.They quickly find out Seattle can be a very small town when trying to avoid someone. As much as they want to avoid each other, fate keeps forcing Sofia and Marion to cross paths. Before long they realize theyll have to decide if theyre going to hold on to bad feelings or risk forgiveness to discover just what they have to offer each other.

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