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Eight of Angelica Cummings stories, including the full series of "Her Royal Horniness," all in one place and for a fraction of the cost of the individual titles!"Her Royal Horniness (Complete 3-Part Series)"Princess Katerina has been madly in love with her friend, the stable boy, and his massive member for years. Their secret love-making is hidden from her husband, whom she was forced to marry to improve her countrys alliances abroad. During one of her trips home, shes taken by a clan of lesbians that need her help with a ritual to Aphrodite, and falls madly in love with their leader, a beautiful woman. When she learns that her husband has passed away, she returns to claim the throne, change the rules about marrying commoners, and takes two lovers in her bed, her man and her woman."Wife Swap Royale"After being apart for my nine months deployment, my wife Sarah and I finally get a night alone together, and invite Leo and Amanda to join at us at the casino where we plan to swap wives for a lusty evening of public sex."Sex Rituals of the Natives: Gangbanged by the Entire Village"After a terrible storm and a wrecked ship, America wakes up on a remote island where shes able to let go of her inhibitions and join the sexual rituals of the natives while wild and unbelievably rewarding abandon. After taking a bath with four beautiful women, she joins the entire village in an orgy that includes double penetration and a bukkake treat from every man on the island."Cream Pie from the Stranger at the Night Club"After rough relationships with cheating jerks, two star crossed twenty-somethings in Seattle are pushed by their friends to go out and find their rebounds to help them cope with their losses. When they mysteriously bump into each other, they have the greatest sex of their life and realize that everything happens for a reason."Gangbanged by Eleven Gypsy Men"During what seemed like it would be a dull trip to a small town in Southern France, Im in search of fun when I hear some music down a mysterious road. Asking a passerby where it was coming from, I was warned that "good girls" dont go to the gypsys bar... that was all I needed to know! Once there, everyone wanted a piece of the American girl."The Millionaire Diamond Importer Ravishes My Pussy"During my morning commute, my car is rear ended by a fancy Lamborghini. The man that steps out is none other than a famous diamond tycoon and follows me to work, taking me to lunch, and then to his penthouse, showering me with praises of beauty before I jump his bones, he jumps my bones, and he gives it to me the good old fashion way."Double Penetration Lollipops"Wanting to be a submissive, I find myself uncertain once Im in his sex dungeon, chained to the ceiling spread eagle and watching while he preps lollipops for all my orifices. I had never even considered to say "no candy play" when he asked what my limits were..."The Unholy Coitus of Amish Lesbians"Mary has just married Jebediah and experienced her first night of holy matrimony by consummating their marriage, but she has no idea that women are able to have an orgasm until the next day when her life-long friend, Sarah, spends the night with her in unholy coitus. After theyve tasted each other, they cannot bring themselves to avoid the sinful ways of their lust and Mary has Sarah penetrate her with a cucumber when theyre supposed to be working. When Jebediah walks in, he forces them upstairs where he punishes them with a spanking before watching them make love to one another.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001040042751
    • ISBN:  9781370450756
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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